"Chevy Traverse: Tetris with Cargo Space | Chevrolet" 
This commercial shows two SUVs parked in front of what appears to be two giant Tetris boards. There are several Tetris pieces falling down toward the cars, but as we get closer we see that they aren't blocks, but boxes and other items that people are packing into the vehicles. When the couple loading the Traverse finish loading all the pieces into the back of the SUV, the couple trying to pack up the Ford Explorer next to them run out of space and don't know what to do with all their extra stuff.

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The Chevrolet Traverse offers 44% more maximum cargo space than the Ford Explorer, and we made it easy to fill every bit of it. Introducing the re-imagined 2013 Chevrolet Traverse with best-in-class maximum cargo space. That's American ingenuity to find new roads.

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Chevrolet Traverse 
Find New Roads

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