"ITV England World Cup Qualifiers promo" 
This advert for ITV features images of England's football (soccer) team while the song "England Til We Die" plays in the background.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

ITV, the home of England football - live and free. 
Together we run 
Together we try 
Together we stand 
Together we stride 
Often conflicted 
Always mis-read 
Forever the victims of past success 
Voices they say that we can't compete 
We ??? our hope when we don't believe 
Though we don't know what we can achieve 
If we love what we are 
If we love what we need 
We can do something 
We will survive 
We can deliver 
This dream is alive 
Together we conquer 
Together we cry 
'Cause we are England 'til we doe

Written Text

World Cup 2014 
San Marino v England - Friday 22nd March 7:30pm 
Montenegro v England - Tuesday 26th March 7:30 
Sponsored by Continental 
England Till We Die

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