"New IKEA advert 2013 - Time For Change Music Video" 
This commercial begins with people working outside while some garden gnomes look on. They carry in some oddly shaped red/orange chairs and then go to get a new table they just bought. When they return, one of the gnomes has kicked over one of the chairs, but now stands there frozen with an angry expression on his face. The man picks up the garden ornament and throws him out of the way, and then we see in the background another gnome with an angry look on his face. Several more are hiding in a tree, another pokes his head out from a pond, while several more look over a fence. All of these short, bearded figurines start charging this couple and attacking their outdoor furniture, but the couple is able to fend them off by hitting them, throwing them, or shooting them with the hose. After defeating the evil dwarves, they couple finishes setting up their lawn furniture and brings their kids out to enjoy the sunny day. When a little girl turns a chair around and a garden gnome is sitting in it, the couple gives a scared look, but that is the end of the ad - for now at least...

Written Text

IKEA presets Time For Change 
The End

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