What does home mean to you? Home is your city. Home is your family, your friends, or your favorite neighborhood hangout. It's more than just an address. It's the place you fall in love with -- over and over again. 
"#lovehome with HGTV"

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Home. It's more than just an address. This is what home means to you. It's family first, big events and the small moments. 
Now this is home. 
Capture the moment and show us. Take a photo, tag it and share the love of all things home. HGTV. Love home. Keep the photos coming. 
(Lyrics) If you're lost and alone 
Or you're sinking like a stone 
We are who we are  
On our darkest day  
When we're miles away  
So we'll come  
We will find our way home  
Carry on 
Carry on, carry on

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