"Nike SB Eric Koston 2 -- The Legend Grows" 
This Nike Skateboarding (Nike SB) commercial features people talking about the "legend" of skateboarder Eric Koston. The real story is that he was just riding on his skateboard and did a simple trick. When people start talking about it to others and then they pass it on, it becomes like a game of Telephone and the story grows bigger and better every time. Each time someone tells the story, they change the original video of Koston doing the simple trick to match with the story. Soon he is running from security guards and attack dogs, riding while blind, getting shot with tasers, and saving babies. The ad features such celebrities as Tiger Woods, Kyrie Irving, Neymar Jr., Allyson Felix, Danny Kass, Sean Malto, Wieger Van Wageningen, Ishod Wair, Alex Olson, Neckface, Giovanni Reda, and Jake Phelps.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I heard Koston destroyed this one. 
Destroyed doesn't even come close. 
I heard he's being chased by security guards. 
And they had a crazy dog! 
I think he was blinded. 
Then they fired the tasers at him. 
And then there was a hurricane. 
No, no, he did a hurricane. 
And the rail had skate stoppers on it. Dun dun dun dun dun, right through all the stoppers. 
And it was pouring rain. 
And dude, the baby...

Written Text

And they had a crazy dog! 
You only got video game. 
Eric Koston 2 
Complete Control 
The legend grows

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