"MT DEW Starring Felicia The Goat and Errol Chatham" 
This commercial features Errol Chatham (Thrashn Chatham) eating at a restaurant with his girlfriend. He starts talking about a goat who is also eating there. The waitress brings a bottle of Mtn Dew to the goat, but it just starts harassing her.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Chatham: Baby. 
Girl: Yes, baby? 
Chatham: You see that goat over there? 
Girl: What? 
Chatham: That goat. 
Girl: Goat? 
Waitress: Mountain Dew? 
Goat: I don't want any? 
Waitress: It's ice cold. 
Waitress: You're a nasty goat! 
Chatham: He nasty. 
Waitress: Here. 
Goat: Give it to me. 
Waitress: No! No! No! 
Goat: Give me more! I want it. You're never gonna catch me!

Written Text

Mtn Dew 
Dew it 
To be continued

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