"Live Mas Fina (60 second version) - Corona Canada" 
This commercial for Corona Extra asks the question if you have lived a full life. Did you do everything and experience everything you could. Some of the scenes include: 
* a woman in the ocean near sunset 
* a girl with a "Live Free" tattoo on the inside of her lip 
* environmentalists holding hands in front of a demolition crew keeping them from bulldozing a bunch of trees 
* a man watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) 
* people falling into and out of love 
* people dancing and having fun at a concert 
* people watching sunrises and sunsets

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If there's a single, undeniable truth about life, it's that you only get one shot at living it. So the question is, how will you have lived? Will you have been scared enough? Will you have done all the things you set out to do? Said all the things you wanted to say? Would you have laughed enough? Loved enough? Broken enough hearts and had your heart sufficiently broken? Will you have seen the world? Watched enough sunsets and sunrises? Will you have lived life on your own terms? In the end, will you have regrets, or will you have lived an extraordinary life? Will you have lived mas fina. 
Looks like 
We've gone too far 
Oh oh o oo ooo 
In a matter of time 
You'll all be stars 
Ohoh o oo ooo oooo 
Some nights 
I drag this line

Written Text

Live Free 
Seek Discomfort 
La Cervexa Mas Fina 
Live Mas Fina

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