Introducing Nicki Minaj's Beats By Dre Pink Pill starring Nicki Minaj, DeRay Davis, & Nicki's New Best Friend. 
"Nicki Minaj Pink Pill Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If you want to play your own music, just tap her. 
OK. Right after I text back Kadesia.  
Are you for real, texting other girls right now? 
Kadesia my friend. 
A man cannot just be friends with a girl named Kadesia. Nicki! 
Keep it down, keep it down. 
Keep it down? I'm a speaker, dummy. Nicki! Nicki! Ooh! 
What did you do to her?  
Just changing the songs. 
He was texting other girls! 
Get out! 
Bye bye boo boo. 
(Lyrics) You, this ain't high school 
Me, and my crew 
We can slide through 
Give it to you whenever you want

Written Text

The Pink Pill Wireless Speaker 
available at

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