Recording artist, Jake Miller, stars in this commercial for Supercuts. 
"Jake Miller - Supercuts Rock The Cut Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Music's just in my blood. Since the day I was born. I came in to Supercuts today and got a fresh cut. My life right now is really busy, so whenever I come, they know exactly what I want.  
When you're cutting somebody's hair you feel really good that you were able to make somebody look their best.  
This haircut gives me the confidence that I need. Can I be one of your regulars? 
Of course! I would say he's rocking the cut.  
(Lyrics) I'm halfway across the globe tonight 
You telling me good morning when I’m telling you good night 
You hoppin' in bed, I’m hoppin' on another flight 
But I promise you that I’m coming home 
Girl I'm on my way now 
I've been around but I'd rather be here with you 
With you, with you

Written Text

Cuts that Rock 
Supercuts Stylist Ariel 
Rock the Cut 
Get into a salon today 

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