"Hong Kong 7s: The Mint" 
This advert for the Hong Kong Sevens (Hong Kong 7s) Rugby series sponsored by HSBC supposedly shows us how the commemorative coin for the series is being minted. Deep below the Earth of the Hong Kong rugby stadium is an underground bunker. In one room, a robot arm throws metal bricks to a man running on a treadmill. He catches it and throws it back to another man on a treadmill who throws it back to another. The last man throws the metal into a boiling cauldron of liquid metal. In another room, several men are kicking rugby balls and ever time they hit the bull's eye of a target some of this boiling metal gets poured into a mold. Nearby, several rugby players are manually stamping holes and pressing out coin-shaped cutouts from this block of metal. These coins go to a group of players that are using something like a stairmaster exercise machine. Each time they step, one side of the coin is pressed. They are all flipped over and sent down a conveyor belt where some rugby fans are in the bleachers. They are all jumping in unison, and each time they jump, the other side of the coin is pressed. After each coin is then inspected, they are given to sailors and women dressed like they are from the 1920's who throw them into glasses suspended from strings. When there are enough coins in the glass, it tips over and spills down a hole. The coins that fall through get "spirit" from cheerleaders who wave their pom-poms at them. The coins are then picked up and put on platters and carted out onto the field. One is used specifically for the coin toss at the beginning of the match.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Pack it up, pack it in 
Let me begin 
I came to win 
Battle me that's a sin 
I won't tear the sack up 
Punk you'd better back up 
Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up 
Get up, stand up, come on! 
Come on, throw your hands up 
If you've got the feeling jump across the ceiling 
Muggs is a funk fest, someone's talking junk 
Yo, I'll bust em in the eye 
And then I'll take the punks home 
Feel it, funk it 
Amps it are junking 
And I got more rhymes than there's cops that are dunking 
Donuts shop 
Sure 'nuff I got props from the kids on the Hill 
Plus my mom and my pops 
I came to get down 
I came to get down 
So get out your seats and jump around 
Jump around 
Jump around 
Jump up Jump up and get down. 
Jump jump jump jump...

Written Text

Serious Play 
Proud Sponsor of the Hong Kong Sevens

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Songs are referenced by this Television Commercial?

It refers to...
Jump Around performed by House of Pain

Jump Around
performed by House of Pain

This Song is referred to by HSBC Commercial for Hong Kong Seven

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