This commercial for the new Facebook Home shows a young girl at the dinner table with her whole family. Everyone is seated around the table, listening to the very dull and boring stories of an older woman - an aunt or grandmother? The girl, who can't be bothered with politeness at the dinner table, whips out her phone and tunes out the conversation as she checks in with her friends and their exciting lives on facebook. Facebook home is a whole new experience to be wrapped up in your phone and miss the world actually going on directly around you. 
"Facebook Home Dinner"

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This morning when I went to the supermarket, I finally found the pet aisle. So, I start walking down the pet aisle....cats. You know, they're seniors now. I got them when they were 2 and 3, but they're now 12 and 13, so with... Another time I went to the market and I had to buy a chicken. I checked the date and it was like a month ahead, so I thought, OK, there was a long expiration... 
Welcome to Facebook Home. A whole new experience for your phone.

Written Text

Now on the HTC First. Exclusively at AT&T

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