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"Finding Joy Official Trailer #1 (2012) "

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The sneaky thing called death swooped in that year, ambushing my mostly unremarkable family. Yes? 
Is this the spot for the number 24 bus? 
Hey! Uh. Hi. I was wondering if I might be able to couch crash. Your grandmother came on to me! Listen, I'm uh, coming home. 
Aaaahh! Hell's bell bottoms! 
The only reason you're here now is 'cause you had nowhere else to go. 
Why else would I come home, dad? 
My room? 
Dad expanded it. Ooh! Awesome, right? 
For Vegas. 
I'm Joy. Do you live around here? 
I grew up there. 
Give me your knuckles. I call that 69 knuckles.  
You have the silkiest knuckles I've ever 69ed. 
OK. That's weird. 
I found out recently, I'm gonna die soon.  
You're serious? 
I was wondering if you would write my obituary? 
I don't even know you. 
So, we'll probably have to spend a lot of time together.  
For future gift reference, I'm more of a collared polo kind of guy. 
Stick your hands in. Make your mark on the world. 
wants to smack me in the face, I'd absolutely welcome it. 
You think you can just cut out whenever you please? 
Needed a mental health day. 
Can't argue with that.  
She won't talk to me. She won't come out of her house. I don't know what to do. 
Well you'll just have to figure it out.  
Could you just give me one minute? 
Are you doing a number 3? 
Oh, no! No! 
Then I'm coming in. 
No, don't!  
You make me feel the most terrifying happiness that I've ever known. And I don't want it to end yet.  
(Lyrics) All my life

Written Text

Meet Kyle 
he lost his career 
he lost his apartment 
he lost his friends 
all he's got left... 
is his family. 
sometimes, knowing where you're going... 
means learning where you came from 
Josh Cooke 
Liane Balaban 
Lainie Kazan 
Barry Bostwick 
Finding Joy

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