"Nutcase's Outdoor Fitting Room" 
This advert begins with several scenes of people biking in Copenhagen which is nicknamed, "The City of Bikes". Unfortunately, most people who ride bikes in the city don't wear helmets. That's a problem when your company makes bicycle helmets, so Nutcase decided to create a unique guerrilla marketing campaign which they placed near common bike parking places. It was simply a pole with a bicycle sign on top, but in the middle was a bend where they fitted one of their helmets. On the inside of the helmet it read, "Use your head and win this Nutcase". Since the helmet was mounted sideways, people would stick their head in and have a friend take a picture of them to submit so they could win the safety gear. People all over the city eventually tried them on in these "outdoor fitting rooms".

Written Text

Copenhagen - City of Bikes 

Most youngsters would rather play hazard with their health than with their style. 
So how do you change their mind about being seen with a helmet? 
We created... Nutcase's outdoor fitting rooms... and asked them to use their brains! 
Use your head! and win this Nutcase, We will find the winner today! 
Nutcase Danmark 
Brug Hovedet! 
I love my brain 

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