"eHarmony TV Commercial - Speed Dating" 
This commercial shows a woman getting frustrated while speed dating. She starts talking about her interests, but the person in charge keeps yelling, "Time!" to signify that her time is up, and the process has to move on. The next man who moves to her table is Dr. Heil Clark Warren, the founder of eHarmony. He tells her she can skip all this aggravation and sign up at eHarmony to find the perfect man. "Time!" is yelled again, and the next man to sits across from the woman is painted in Goth makeup.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: I, uh, collect these antique nutcrackers 
Coordinator: Time! 
Man #1: Kinda turned it off after nut cracker, but let me tell you something about my cat... 
Coordinator: Time! 
Man #1: Oh. 
Warren: You must be exhausted. 
Woman: Tell me about it. 
Warren: Cut to the chase and sign up at We'll find the perfect guy for you. 
Coordinator: Time! 
Woman: Huh! Hi. 
Warren: Stop waiting, start communicating for free today.

Written Text

Welcome Speed Dater 
Dr. Neil Clark Warren 
Start communicating for free today

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