"Mazda 3 - Red & White" 
This commercial begins in an all white world. The people and clothing are white. The building and streets are white. Absolutely everything is white, but then in the background we see a red Mazda 3 speeding around the city. Several women carrying hoses try to spray the red car with white paint so it matches everything else, but the little car is just too fast. Soon, the entire city is trying to catch this little car - they are dropping paint from above, and even have an airplane trying to spray it. The car drives through a tunnel and out of the city. They open up the dams and white paint comes pouring out after the car. It comes skidding to a halt and the paint flows over it turning the car white. However when the car starts moving again, everywhere it drives turns red, and soon the whole city and everything in it is red from this (now) white car.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

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Written Text

Mazda3. How dare you!

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