"Street Light - Kia Hotbot" This commercial is a follow-up to Kia's 2013 Super Bowl commercial. In this ad, a man is driving in his new Kia Forte. In the passenger seat is one of the "fembots" (female robot) from the previous ad played by Alyssa Campanella. She is enjoying the technology in the car including the heated seats, the voice activated commands, and the rear-view camera. When the man gets home and parks the car on the street. The robot notices that they are parked under a street light with several pigeons on it. She grabs the utility pole and turns the whole thing so the birds don't go to the bathroom on the car.

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UGO, go home. (Lyrics) Real human being, and a real hero

Written Text

Respect the tech. 2014 Kia Forte

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