"Dr Pepper TEN: Mountain Man Commercial" 
This commercial shows a wilderness man like Grizzly Adams waking up in the forest in the morning. He breaks off a huge chunk of tree bark to eat for breakfast, and then he gathers some firewood. This is a burly man, so his firewood is actually a huge tree that he just carries under one arm. He then goes down to the ice cold river and sticks his hand in until it freezes. He smashes the ice and we see he has a can of Dr. Pepper Ten that he was keeping cold. He calls out to his pet bird of prey who picks him up another cold can from the middle of a lake with its talon. He later goes canoeing and hiking with a black bear

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dr. Pepper Ten - the manliest low-calorie soda in the history of mankind. 
Mmm, bold flavor. 
There's no such thing as no-man's land to me 
Man just needs a place where he can be, wild and free 
Ten calories 
Dr. Pepper Ten

Written Text

Dr. Pepper Ten 
Dr. Pepper 10 
10 Bold tasting calories 
The manliest low-calorie soda in the history of mankind.

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