"In the Mirror" 
This commercial shows a woman looking in the mirror of a fitting room and feeling good about herself because they visited American Laser Skincare to get cosmetic laser treatments.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Suddenly the fitting room fits you. American Laser Skincare brings you Zerona, our most advanced fat-melting technology ever. FDA cleared and proven to help you lose inches in just two weeks. Call 877-8LASER1 today and save $300. American Laser Skin Care - love what's looking back at you. 
It's a brand new day 
I'm gonna make a stand 
La la la la lala lala 
Lalala la la la lala

Written Text

Finally I Love 
Short Skirt 
Sun Dresses 
And Suits 
American Laser Skincare Introduces Zerona 
Fat Melting Technology 
Clinically Proven 
FDA Cleared 
Lose Inches in Just 2 Weeks 
$300 off Zerona Packages 
Love what's looking back at you

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