"Old Spice Director Wolfdog | Sean Lowe" 
This commercial features the Old Spice Wolfdog addressing Sean Lowe - a contestant on The Bachelor as well as Dancing with the Stars.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sean, hi. Old Spice marketing director Wolf Dog here. Congratulations on being a guest on Dancing with the Celebrities. You might remember me from my small cameo in Dances with Wolves, so I can tell you it was a wonderful experience resulting in tiny gold statues in the shape of humans. Now, about your forthcoming nuptials. Let Wolfdog give you some advice on love. If you are ever needing to woo your fiance or make her feel special, don't do something thoughtful or caring such as doing the dishes or making her a homemade candlelight dinner. Instead, find the nearest male of your species and dominate them in some physical contest like wrestling, or sledgehammer throwing, or simply pin them to the ground with your jaw and terrify them with your growl. It has been my experience that this is how to make the women females feel loved. And be sure to fill your garage to the brim with Old Spice Wild collection products because your fiance will love it, but it will shoot my quarterly sales figures through the roof resulting in large meat-based bonuses for me. I really, really, really need you to do this for me Sean. Sean, please, Wolfdog out.

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Old Spice 
Mr. Wolfdog

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