This commercial for the World Wildlife Fund shows a montage of several different types of animals including giraffes, seals, zebra, water buffalo, cheetahs, humans, orangutans, sea turtles, whales, polar bears, butterflies, birds, tigers, elephants, and pandas.

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Now's the time to join together to protect our world, or we could lose all it gives us. To learn how you can help, call for your free World Wildlife Fund action kit at 1-800-CALL-WWF. Together we can be a force for nature. 
Another day is over 
Another light is breaking and I'm tired 
But I'm wild about you, my little one 
I feel you in the water 
I feel you in the corner of my self 
Hey, who else babe knows you like I do? 
As we go again, round the stars and their friends 
Loving me

Written Text

We share the water 
We share the land 
We share the future 

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