"Family Life Cover | Real Insurance" 
This advert begins with a little boy climbing up to a tree house on a wood and rope latter with the help of his dad. Next a little girl jumps to her mom in the pool. We then see an phone operator telling us the detail of this insurance offer.

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You're always there to catch them. You'd do anything to protect them. But who would provide a financial safety net for them if you were suddenly no longer there? 
When your family needs financial security, we'll be there. With Family Life Cover, we'll provide your family with a lump sum of cash benefit if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness or unexpectedly pass away. This benefit can help keep your family on their feet, assisting with the rent or mortgage and essential household bills. Call us now and you can choose the benefit amount you think your family would need starting from $100,000. And to help with immediate expenses like funeral costs, your family would also receive a quick $10,000 advance payment, while we process the rest of your claim. We help make life insurance affordable. Little wonder, we've been awarded a 5-Star Canstar rating for outstanding value 3 years running. Premiums for a $100,000 cach payout can be as little as $1.69 per week, and we'll even give you back 10% of your premiums after the first 12 months of your policy. It's easy to apply for cover, just call us now. We're waiting to take your application over the phone with no need for a medical or any paperwork. With Real Insurance, protecting your family's financial future is simple. So call us now on 1300 665 287, or search 'Real Life Insurance'. We'll be there. 
Sometimes in our lives 
We all have pain, we all have sorrow 
But if we are wise 
We know that there's always tomorrow 
Lean on me 
For it won't be long 
'Til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on

Written Text

Real Insurance 
Life Insurance 
1300 665 287 
Lump sum cash benefit 
Covers terminal illness and death 
Austrailian residents aged 18-64 years can apply 
Choose a benefit amount from $100,000 
Help with immediate expenses 
Advanced $10,000 funeral payment 
CanStar Outstanding Value 
Direct Life Insurance 
2010 - 2011 - 2012 
$100,000 cover for just $1.69 per week 
10% cash back after the first 12 months 
Apply over the phone 
No medical 
No paperwork 
We'll be there 
Search 'Real Life Insurance' 
Life, Funeral, Income Protection, Pet, Car, Home, Bicycle, Travel

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