This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'The Way Way Back'. 
"The Way, Way Back - Official Trailer (HD) Steve Carell"

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Duncan, on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think you are? 
A six. 
I think you're a 3. Since I've been dating your mom, I don't see you putting yourself out there, bud. You can try to get that score up at my beach house this summer. 
Who-dee-who is this in all his awkward glory? 
This is my son, Duncan.  
I was gonna name my youngest Duncan, but we went with Peter. Finally fixed his lazy eye, now it's even worse. Boop. Boop. 
Just stare at the bridge of his nose, that's what I do. 
You're the worst parent. 
Heads up, buddy. You need to wear that.  
Mom, why do I have to wear this? Nobody else does. 
Sexier, huh? 
Something like that.  
It's like spring break for adults.  
This is Joan and Kip. 
I'm the one who's not grinding on you right now.  
Enjoy therapy.  
Afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. You're having way too much fun, it's making everyone uncomfortable. Wow. I'm just kidding. That wasn't even my best stuff. Come on.  
Just hold there for a sec. 
This guy's an artist. Watch and learn. 
Aaaaand you are holding. Still holding. Just about ready to hold.  
I need you to re-order more mats.  
Did it. 
Finish the work schedule for next week. 
Did it. 
So, you know I'm gonna check all that stuff, right? 
Oh, well, in that case, I didn't do any of that. 
How do you make more money than I do? 
That's the one you wait for, my man.  
I need someone to do some odd jobs, clean up some vomit 
Does your mom know you work here? 
Who's that, big guy? 
Just a girl. 
What are you doing over here talking to us? 
Well, maybe Roddy, if you guys hadn't called me over here. 
Please let your lady friend know that this conversation was entirely about her. 
Where have you been? 
It's a long time to be nowhere. 
Well that's where I was. 
Duncan. If we're going to make this work then there has to be trust.  
Mom's boyfriend, he called me a 3. Who says that to somebody? 
That's about him. That's got nothing to do with you. 
How do you know? 
'Cause I know. You gotta go your own way, and you my friend are going your own way.  
This is the only place I'm happy.  
My doctor said not to get water on my face! 
Come on! 
You got a hell of a kid here. 
Hold, please. Hold. Just hold there. 
(Lyrics) There's a message in the skies and in the streets 
It's in the radio, it's superstars 
The arteries feed your heart 
(Lyrics) You think it's over now 
It's time we  
Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh 
(Lyrics) Everybody's tellin' me what to do 
And I, I can't choose 
And everybody wants control, to hang me up by their noose 
Power hungry animals, let 'em eat  
Souls cannot 
Souls cannot be fooled 
Souls cannot be fooled

Written Text

Official selection 2013 Sundance Film Festival 
From the Studio that brought you: 
Little Miss Sunshine  
Steve Carell  
Toni Collette 
Allison Janney 
Annasophia Robb 
Sam Rockwell 
Maya Rudolph 
Liam James 
The Way Way Back 
Written & Directed by Nat Faxon & Jim Rash 
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