"The Internship - Official Trailer #2"

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I defy you to crush this course and not get psyched out of your mind! 
The ChronoShock 13. 
They didn't tell you, did they? Your company is closed. 
You closed the company? 
Everything's computerized now. You two were great salesmen, but face it, you're dinosaurs.  
Nick, I got it. Google. 
You got us a job at Google? 
Not a job, job. It's an internship that could lead to a job. 
Welcome to Google! We're looking at some sort of mental Hunger Games against a bunch of genius kids for just a handful of jobs. 
I'm Lyle, one of the team managers. Pound me. 
Oh, normally, you just putting the fist out without the words is all that's necessary. 
Come on, bro, fist me. Get up in there. 
That's definitely not right.  
You're interns? 
Shut up. 
Deal with it. 
But you're so old, I thought you were, important.  
Sometimes the long shots pay off the biggest.  
The red paddle indicates "no", green paddle "yes". Having a beer with your boss.  
If you wanna grab a cold one with me, just let me know. 
I will not be grabbing a cold one with you. 
You get high? 
Your job, find the bug. 
Why don't the two of you guys go and find the programmer. 
His name is Charles Xavier. 
He's a professor. 
He's in a wheelchair. 
Charles Xavier? 
You found me out. Cyclops, Rogue, we're all here. Now I want to share some of my wisdom with you.  
Professor Xavier's a total... 
(Lyrics) I'm gonna pop some tags 
Only got $20 in my pocket 
(Lyrics) Take me down to the paradise city 
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Written Text

What they're selling 
Nobody's buying 
This year 
They're teaming up  
And playing the game 
By their own rules 
Having a beer with your boss 
Vince Vaughn 
Owen Wilson 
The Internship 
In Theaters June 6

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