This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'The Internship'. 
"The Internship - Official Trailer #2 (HD) Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson"

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You closed the company? 
What about us? 
You're great salesmen but it's too late for you guys. Everything's computerized and you're dinosaurs. And I'm gonna say something harsh now. 
Now you're gonna say something harsh? 
Nick, I got it. Google. 
You got us a job at Google? 
It's an interview for an internship that could lead to a job. 
You're kidding, right? 
They have more in life experience than the age of most of our interns.  
Welcome to Google. 
Do you know what launch this was from? 
If only there was some web page you could go to, type things in and search for answers. 
You're interns? 
Shut up. 
Deal with it. 
You're so old though. 
We're looking at some sort of mental Hunger Games against a bunch of genius kids for just like a handful of jobs.  
You will be broken up into teams.  
Find some geniuses. 
Hello Stanford. You, college. 
University of... 
You're coming with me. 
You're all I've got. 
I don't have a group.  
You'll mentor the left-overs.  
I'm Lyle, one of the team managers. Pound me. Come on, bro, fist me. Let's all fist each other, right? 
I'm Meha Patel. 
Yo-Yo Santos. 
How 'bout a high five. Whoa, whoa! 
What, did you get beat up a lot in school? 
I was homeschooled by my mom. 
Did you get beat up a lot at home school? 
Your first challenge: manning the help line.  
I'm not very good with gmail support. For you is this kind of like teaching a kid the alphabet? 
Actually, it's like teaching a kid a letter. Just one letter. 
You will fail. 
Sometimes the long shots pay off the biggest.  
Our team's a joke. 
We need to start believing. 
This reminds me of a little girl from a Steel town who had the dream to dance. She reached up and pulled the chain to nowhere and doused herself in water.  
Flashdance? You're talking about the movie from the '80s. 
Yeah, you're damn right I am. 
Oh boy. 
There's still some dreams floating around out there. It's not too late, you just gotta reach out and grab them. 
We have rules. Red mean no, green means yes. Dating a fellow intern. You can't date an intern, no. 
So we'll say no to love. 
We say no to love, yes. 
Is a one night stand considered dating? 
Why don't the two of you guys go and find the programmer? 
His name is Charles Xavier. 
He's a professor.  
He's in a wheelchair. 
Charles Xavier? 
Oh you found me out. Cyclops, Rogue, we're all here. Now come closer. 
Oh my... Professor Xavier's a total... 
(Lyrics) Up and down and around again 
Oh, you get up, you get down and you try it again 
Up and down and around again

Written Text

sometimes you have to lose everything 
to find what you're searching for 
this summer 
two generations 
one chance 
vince vaughn 
owen wilson 
Dating a fellow intern 
The Internship 
june 7

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