This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'The East'. 
"The East - Official Trailer #2 (HD) Ellen Page"

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Another corporate figure has been targeted by the eco-activist group, The East. 
We need someone to get inside The East. 
Who would you choose? 
Me. I'm unexpected. Being unexpected is the only advantage that matters. 
Robert McCabe called me himself. In one month's time, I want to know the identities of every person who poisoned his company.  
I'm looking for The East tag. 
I heard the East doesn't exist. 
Who is she? 
Welcome to The East, Sarah. I have something planned for us. 
When it comes to breaking the law, most people can't handle it.  
I can do it. 
Let's go. Let's go. 
This group's committed, and they're ahead of us. 
An eye for an eye. It can't be more, it can't be less. 
There are consequences. 
Getting attached to them is all right, but do not get soft. If they find out who you really are, they won't give a second thought to your destruction. 
I can't keep going like this. 
It would be easier if we didn't feel the need to fight. If we just let go. 
What's the potential damage? 
What did you expect, that it was going to be painless? 
You're gonna stay calm, you're gonna hold your car. 
(Lyrics) Never fall away 
You're coming back for me 
You're coming back for me 
You're coming back to me 
You're coming back to me

Written Text

This Summer 
Uncover the Mystery 
Of The East 
Brit Marling 
Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd 
Ellen Page 
Patricia Clarkson 
The East 
The East Is Everywhere 
May 31

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