"The All-New Mazda6 - This is the Mazda Way | Mazda USA"

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The high jump. Approached the same way for decades is suddenly changed forever when a man dares to jump backwards. To give the all-new Mazda6 class leading highway mpg without compromising performance, we changed everything. Engine, body, even the wheels. Flipping convention on its head. This is the Mazda way, and this is the all-new Mazda6. What do you drive?

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Dick Fosbury 
World Champion 
Center of gravity 
Parabolic Apex 
2.2 Meters 
38 Hwy MPG EPA-Estimated 
SkyActiv Technology 
Fuel Efficiency 
13.0:1 Comparison Ratio 
Direct Fuel Injection 
Ultra-High Tensile Steel 
The All-New Mazda6 
Starting at $20,880 
Zoom Zoom 
Mazda6, Mazda 6, Mazda Six

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