This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Pain & Gain' starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Tony Shaloub, Ed Harris and Rebel Wilson. 
"Pain and Gain Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Michael Bay Movie HD"

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I'm hot! I'm big! No! No! 
My name is Daniel Lugo, and I believe in fitness. All this began because it was time to push myself harder.  
Oh, there you go, yes! 
Otherwise, I was looking at another 40 years of wearing sweatpants to work.  
Mr. Doorbal, are you currently using steroids? 
I think they messed me up. 
Don't worry, that's what we specialize in here. Penis magic. 
I'm a self-made man. I made a lot of money. 
Maybe yourself ought to spend some of it on a salad. 
You know who invented salad? Poor people. 
What's going on D.L.? 
You ever just get tired of being where you are, A.J.? 
No. I kinda like it here. I mean, the weights, the new... 
I need a life, man. 
When's the last time you paid your rent when it was due? 
I got a plan to change that. 
Where'd you do your time, pal? 
Up north. 
How're you fixed for a job now? 
You just can't kidnap a guy and take his things. That's so illegal. 
Sure we can. Victor Kershaw is a criminal prick who deserves bad stuff to happen to him.  
We go through with this, nobody gets hurt, right? 
No, man. We snatch him, we grab him, he signs a few signatures, we give him a protein shake, he doesn't even know what happened! I watch a lot of movies, Paul. I know what I'm doing. 
The Sun Gym gang has successfully acquired any asset you had. 
What happens now? 
Now I go to work. 
I gotta get a pump. 
That's it. That's good. It's hurts, I know it does. That's it. Get it. 
You said no violence. 
And I meant it when I said it, I swear to God. 
I cannot kill. 
Duly noted. Look, when this is over, we'll all go camping, alright? 

Written Text

June 17, 1995 
This Is A True Story 
In 2013 
From Director Michael Bay 
Pain & Gain 
Based on the magazine articles by Pete Collins. 
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