"BeyoncĂ© in H&M Summer Collection 2013" 
This commercial features Beyonce on the beach modeling, singing, and dancing in H&M's new summer collection. We see Beyonce in several bikinis and other swimsuits as she dances around in the sand and water.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

My body is magnified 
In the sun set me alight 
My body, and your delights 
Burn me up, set me alight 
I can't deny, your desire 
Feel like i'm on fire 
When you touch me 
I feel the flame, baking up my feet, ohhhh 
Can you feel the heat on my skin 
Can you feel all my lovin' 
You and me, standing on the sun 
Can you feel my heart burning 
Make you feel all my good lovin' 
You and me, standing on the sun

Written Text

Beyonce as Mrs. Carter in H&M 

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