"Johnson & Johnson For All You Love" 
This commercial shows mothers and fathers with their children. 
* kissing a newborn baby 
* holding a child 
* a tiny hand holding an adult hand 
* child hugging her pregnant mother 
* a father washing his baby in the tub 
* a grandfather playing piano with his granddaughter 
* a teacher singing with several children in a classroom 
* a little girl at the doctor's office 
* a little boy getting a band-aid

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Love. It's the most powerful thing on the planet. Love is there to hold us in the beginning. There to comfort us as we grow old, and there for all the times in between. Love is family. Love is life, and for that love you sacrifice it all. Love is the reason you care - for the tiny, and the fragile, for the wise, and irreplaceable. For all the things in your life that make life worth living. 
She's got a smile it seems to me 
Reminds me of childhood memories 
Where everything 
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky 
Oh, oh, oh 
Sweet child of mine 
Oh, oh, oh, oh 
Sweet love of mine

Written Text

J&J, J and J, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson and Johnson 
for all you love

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