A man and woman are in bed, while the woman asks if the man has checked ticket prices for Hawaii. The man is spouting off a list of things related to Hawaii - due to search overload.

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Woman: Hey, did you ever find tickets to Hawaii?  
Man: Hawaii Five-O, Book 'em Danno, Aloha, Mele Kalikimaka, surf lingo, Bra I was stoked when I caught that tasty barrel. 
Woman: Seriously, did you price out tickets? 
Man: How to beat a traffic ticket, ten proven methods traffic courts don't want you to know 
Woman: What are you talking about 
Man: Talk turkey 
Woman: What? 
Man: Talk live with hot singles in your area. They're waiting. 
Woman: Who's waiting? 
Announcer: Find the cure at It's not just a search engine, it's the first ever decision engine from Microsoft

Written Text

What has search overload done to us? Find the cure at Bing & decide. Microsoft.

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