Two women are talking about the Shop Your Way points program at Sears, while they are outside at a cookout. One woman tells the other all the things she was able to purchase at Sears, thanks to the Shop Your Way points. The woman who is listening to the shopping stories has a small monkey with her, who sits on her head, pulls her leg, packs a suitcase (after the woman exclaims, "Get out of town!"). At the end, the woman who is in disbelief over the great rewards possible with Sears points, tells her friend that she is married to Lorenzo Lamas. Lorenzo Lamas appears in the backyard, holding the monkey. 
"Sears Commercial - Monkey's Uncle"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's all from Sears, and we saved a bunch using our reward points. 
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! 
And we got $100 in points from Sears to use on Jim's mower. 
Hold the phone! 
And points from the grill helped pay for my dress. 
Now you're just pulling my leg. 
Get this, sometimes, points just show up in our account. 
Get out of town! 
With points from Shop Your Way, there are more ways to save than ever at Sears. 
Oh, and this bracelet? I used points to get it for free! 
Yeah right. And I'm married to Lorenzo Lamas.  
This is how to save. This is Sears.

Written Text

Shop Your Way 
Points Redeemed 
Lorenzo Lamas 
Lorenzo Lamas 
This is Sears

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