This commercial for Miller Lite shows what it could be like if actor Ken Jeong was one of your friends. 
"Ken - Miller Lite TV Commercial Ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If you've got your crew and Miller Lite, you've got Miller Time.  
It's Miller Time! 
But what if one of your crew is Ken Jeong? 
What's with the pig? 
No way! A little pig! 
Did you teach him that? 
Sorry I'm late. I came straight from work.  
Man, this line's ridiculous. 
No joke. 
I'm that guy from that thing! 
Get me one!  
Miller Lite. 
Hey, wait. 
It's not just a good time, it's Miller time.

Written Text

Ken Jeong 
It's Miller Time

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