This commercial for Google is all about the moms. The commercial is a collage of videos of mothers who are doing incredible things for their families. Here's to the Moms! 
"Here's to the Moms"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh my God! You're pregnant? 
(Lyrics) 24 sure hours in the day 
Every second I spend counting ways 
You make everything I do seem better 
You make sunny days from stormy weather 
A little bit of oh oh 
A little bit of all right 
A little bit of yeah yeah 
I just want to thank you 
I just want to thank you 
For the love that you live 
For the good that you give 
For all the things you do 
I just want to thank you

Written Text

Hey Mom 
From the start 
you've always been there 
to pick me up 
When the going got tough 
you got going 
What happens at a marathon 
Mother and Son's Fun First Dance 
Funny Funny Sling Shot Ride Video Mom and 7 year old Son! 
My 94 yr. old Grandma Dancing to Dubstep on Christmas 
How awesome is my mom? 
I just want to thank you!! 
Here's to the Moms 

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