This advert for Virgin Holidays begins with a family, who appears to be rather boring, as they drive in their car, missing parking spaces. But a Virgin Holiday to Florida changes everything. The family finds their mojo while on holiday, and everything changes to bright colors and great family fun. 
"Unleash your Mojo with Virgin Holidays' new TV advert"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yesterday you were the Tullocks, from Harlow, renowned parking space missers. Today, you're the Harlow Globe Trotters, a family in perfect harmony. You swim from the same song sheet. Other families buy your photo at the end of the ride. And you're ping pong black belts, even though it's your first go. You see, on a Virgin Holiday to Florida, you're the stars and you're digging your spoons right to the bottom of the Knickerbocker glory of mojo. Virgin Holidays. Unleash your mojo.

Written Text

Virgin Holidays 
Unleash your mojo

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