"Canadian Tire Bike Commercial (Spring 2013)" 
This commercial features a bunch of kids riding their Big Wheels and bikes (many of which have training wheels) as if they are gangsters. All the kids and adults turn to look at them as they go by. At the back of the pack is an adult with a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Need a new ride? Canadian Tire's got it. 
Lock your doors 
It ain't safe no more 
Check it, check it 
Yo, we the South side crew 
Man we kickin' up the hood 
Rollin' through the block 
Man you want to ride with us 
Come ride with us, come ride with us 
Put your money on us sonny 
If you can, it's a must 
Rollin' like a pack of wolves 
Blowin' the dust 
So move out the way or come ride with us

Written Text

Canada's Bike Store 
Canadian Tire 
Canada's store since 1922

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