This advert for The Sun begins with an average Joe type man who raps and rhymes about the variety of topics covered in The Sun, walking through the streets, showing what life is all about in Great Britain. 
"The Sun - Get Involved"

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Cheers, lads. From supporting our troops to single, working mums to policing and Parliament, and how to tone your buns. Cutting through clap-trap and political spin, taking out the rubbish and putting common sense in. Reporting near misses and goal mouth kisses, and getting money off stuff like crumpets and biscuits. Portable homes and student loans, waiting room moans. Is it scones or scones? Hello. 44 pages, footballer's wages, celebrity gossip and national outrages. Film crews, the news, farmers distressed, fathers for justice and that far too short dress. VAT rises, finance, world, horoscopes, the Eurozone. Clear! Hospitals, health, poverty, jobs, property, bingo, the lottery and commemorative pottery. Ayup, fitness tips, motoring, our free school dinners, and who's been dating your X-Factor winners. The bankers behaviours, the penalty saviour, from bakers, brickies, and the weekend raver. Teleshow gasbags, Cheltenham, the nags, and those tiny little dogs in celebrity handbags. Government U-turns, kid's toys for free, 16 across something 'l' something 'p'. Coupons for petrol, and family days out, holidays for everyone and how to cook sprouts. Kelly from Devonshire shaking marraccas, and half-naked footballers in their undercrackers. There's a million issues around which we've all revolved, whatever gets you going, let's get involved.

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The Sun 
Get Involved

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