Watch as two phones with different translation apps, one Bing and one Google, race to translate a series of foreign travel postcards. With Bing's ability to translate text almost instantly, will Google be able to keep up? See more reasons to try Bing at 
"Bing - Travelin' Happy"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Travelin' east, travelin' west, travelin' happy 
Travelin' north, travelin' south, havin' a ball 
Gettin' there is half the fun 
No fear, no fret, no fuss 
And travelin' happy, travelin' happy 
That's for us

Written Text

Otra dia en el paraiso 
Another day in paradise 
Ayant un merveilleux temps 
Having a wonderful time 
So gut wie eb geht 
As good as it gets 
L'unico modo per andare 
The only way to go 
Wish you were here 
Instant Translation 
Another reason to try Bing 
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