A woman is shopping at the Dixie Outlet Mall, gathering different items of clothing as she goes. A woman with a nametag asks if the woman needs a changing room, and takes her clothes, leading the woman to a change room. When the shopper opens the door, she finds herself going out a door to the outside of the outlet mall with several other women who have also been duped. The woman who appeared to be a store employee, is really a Dixie Outlet Mall shopper herself, and she is doing what it takes to get a great deal.  
"Let Your Shopper Out: Change Room"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Letting your shopper out! 
Need a change room? Here, let me help you with all that stuff. 
But, uh, OK. Um, just... 
Right in here. 
Wait! Don't shut the door! 

Written Text

Letting your shopper out! 
Dixie Outlet Mall 
The Change-Up Room

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