This is a promo for the season 2 premiere of the television series, 'Smash', on NBC. 
"NBC "Smash" Commercial - Passion"

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We're going to Broadway. 
Tomorrow, at 9/8c, you can't resist the 2 hour season premiere of Smash. 
Someone's always waiting to take you down. 
With the most award-winning cast anywhere on television. It's the return of the hit series everyone's been waiting for.  
It's gonna be quite a show. 
The 2 hour premiere of Smash, tomorrow 9/8c here on NBC. 
(Lyrics) I got a passion that’s burning to win 
And if you plan to come and claim it hope you called all your friends 
'Cause I got a passion

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How Good Is Smash? 
"****" - In Touch Weekly 
"Dynamo" - The Oregonian 
"Terrific" - San Francisco Chronicle 
"Riveting" - In Touch Weekly 
Tomorrow 9/8c 
"Can't Resist" - Entertainment Weekly 
2 Hour 
The All New 
Academy Award Winner Anjelica Huston 
Emmy Award Winner Debra Messing 
Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson 
Emmy Award Winner Sean Hayes 
Golden Globe Winner Bernadette Peters 
Academy Award Winner Liza Minnelli

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