"Motive ABC Promo #2"

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Nothing says Friday night like a homicide. 
Only you'll get the killer. 
We're looking for a teenager. 
You will see the victim. 
But these detectives have to figure out the motive. 
Who's driving? 
Rock, paper, scissors? 
All right. 
From an executive producer of Dexter and The Mentalist 
Let's go arrest somebody. 
Motive. Premieres Thursday, May 23rd on ABC. 
(Lyrics) Sometimes it's gonna be days like this 
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this 
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this 
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Written Text

The Killer 
The Victim 
Motive|Series Premiere 
abc Thursday May 23 9/8c 
From an Executive Producer of "Dexter" and "The Mentalist" 

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