This advert shows the best crime drama programs that can be found on Sky Living HD. 
"Sky Living Crime Drama Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You have to convince yourself the lion is not in the room. When it is, I assure you, you will know.  
This cannibal you're getting to know, I think I can help. 
Doctor Lecter.  
She's gonna find something. She always does.  
I am better with you, Watson. 
The best crime solving teams in America. 
May I come in? 
(Lyrics) I'm going in for the kill 
I'm doing it for a thrill 
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand 
And not let go of my hand 
I'm going in 
I'm doing it 
Oh I'm hoping you 
You'll understand

Written Text 
Killer partners in crime 
Sky Living HD 
Drama worth investigating

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