The style of the season? DSW's got it. With the cool vibes of a retro-inspired pool party, great style is everywhere as Shoe Lovers dance, party, and live it up together in the best shoes of the season. So come on—let's dance! 
"Let's Dance -- DSW Spring Commercial 2"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Head turning trends, heart stopping prices. DSW. It's where you get those shoes. 
(Lyrics) Hey baby won't you take a chance?  
Say that you'll let me have this dance  
Well let's dance, well let's dance  
We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato too  
Any old dance that you wanna do  
But let's dance, well let's dance  
Let's dance

Written Text

Where'd you get those shoes? 
Head-turning trends, heart-stopping prices. 
Designer Shoe Warehouse

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