This advert for Robinsons Drinks begins with the story of two young boys who are best friends. The two boys play together, sharing adventures and fun. At the end of the ad, one of the boys carries the other, very tired and worn out boy upstairs to bed, tucking him in. As the boy, snuggled in his bed, opens his eyes to say goodnight, he calls the other boy, 'Dad'. It's then that we see that the first boy is actually the boy's father. It's good to be a dad, but it's better to be a friend.  
"Robinsons Pals"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How are we gonna get it? 
Isn't that Judy from your school? 
I think she likes you. 
No she doesn't. 
She does. Go talk to her. 
I am your father. 
Night, dad. 
G'night, pal.

Written Text

It's good to be a dad. 
It's better to be a friend. 
Play thirsty

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