This is a trailer for the film 'The World's End' starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Rosamund Pike, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, David Bradley, Eddie Marsan. 
"The World's End - Teaser Trailer"

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Ever had one of those nights that starts out like any other, but ends up being the best night of your life? I did. Our goal that night was simple: twelve pubs, twelve pints. From the First Post, to the World's End. But that night, we never made it.  
I saw the boys the other day. 
We're gonna go back to Newton Haven. 
Five guys, twelve pubs, 50 pints! 
Sixty pints. 
Steady on you, alchy. 
This is our chance to finally finish what we started. 
We are gonna do the golden mile and this time we are gonna see it through to the bitter end. Or lager end. 
Good evening, Raymondo. The prodigal sons return. 
What do you recommend? 
One tap water, please. 
What the hell is this? Why are we even here? We are here to get annihilated.  
You come back and everything's sort of weird. 
I suggest you get on your way. 
It's not us that's changed, it's the town. 
We are gonna get to the World's End if it kills us. 
Welcome home, boys. 
Oh no. 
The World's End. 
What do we do? 
Let's buy each other drinks.

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