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"Grand Theft Auto V Trevor Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I ever tell you about Trevor? 
A major drug dealer. 
Real hillbilly type shit. 
Bring me my cock or I'm gonna cut your arm off. 
Back in town, baby! Yeah! 
Please, just go and ruin somebody else's home furnishings. 
I'm new in town, I'm makin' friends, alright? A lot of friends, I mean, things could get really messy.  
Just keep him away from me and the children. 
Nice new tits, by the way.  
What is wrong with you? 
I've got abandonment issues. I see a shrink once a week. 
Get a shot, amigo. 
Roy, massage! 
Uh, no, no, I really... 
Do you want me to get my dick out again? 
(Lyrics) It's the same old tune, fiddle and guitar 
Where do we take it from here 
Rhinestone suits and new shiny cars 
It's been the same way for years 
We need to change 
I've seen the world with a five piece band 
Looking at the back side of me  
Singing my songs and one of his now and then 
But I don't think Hank done 'em this a'way 
No I don't think Hank done 'em this a'way 
Take it home

Written Text

Grand Theft Auto V 
September 17 
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