"Esurance Commercial - Happy Anniversary" 
This commercial shows a dad out at a space museum with his kids. They are enjoying the day when the father gets a reminder on his phone that he has an anniversary dinner that night. Based on the look on his face, he had apparently he had apparently forgot about the date. He quickly pulls the kids back to the car to he can prepare. He looks up a flower shop and picks up another gift on the way home as well, but when he comes in the door, it appears it was the wife who forgot the anniversary because she doesn't have anything for him.

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Technology. It's pretty amazing. Because it saves things. Like your marriage, sanity and time. Oh, and money. Technology saves lots of money. Take esurance for example. They were born online and built to save people money on car insurance. Yep. Technology can do some amazing things, but it can't un-hurt feelings. esurance. Insurance for the modern world. Now backed by AllState. Click or call.

Written Text

Anniversary Dinner 
Tom's Flower Shop 
Insurance for the modern world 
an AllState company 

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