When you're Quicker than your opponents, it ain't fair. It ain't fair that Quick goes number 1, makes All-Star teams and wins Rookie of the Year. It ain't fair that the Crazyquick has the innovation and technology to make you Quicker. A$AP Rocky tells the story of #QuickAintFair featuring John Wall, Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday. 
"adidas, Wall, Lillard, Holiday & A$AP Rocky: #QuickAintFair"

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There was a family of quicks on my block. A family we all knew. I'm talking about John, Damien and that boy Drew. They had an unfair proof that lived in their shoe. Technological truth made 'em quicker than you. Their quick was quick. I'm talking about the quickest quick ever seen. From outside the gym you could hear the crowd scream. Challenges and challenges, bring 'em to the floor. They cut and cross over till there wasn't no more. Competition that is. People keep asking, yo, what's up in that shoe? First draft pick, rookie of the year, all-star games too. Looking back on this who would've even knew all of that quick could come from inside of his shoe? Those kicks made these cats rare. And when you crazy quick, man quick ain't fair.

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