This T-Mobile commercial is all about having more bandwidth per customer than any other carrier out there. This is demonstrated with two pipes - the "others" have a blue liquid, trickling out of their pipe, while the T-Mobile pipe has a bright pink liquid shooting out - the imagery is of data being able to flow much more freely on the T-Mobile network. 
"T-Mobile | "Pipes" Apple iPhone 5 :30 commercial"

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This is the revolutionary phone people do more with. And while overcrowded networks can slow your data, our network has the room to let data flow freely. Introducing iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. On our nationwide network with 50% more bandwidth per customer than other carriers, only T-Mobile lets your iPhone 5 be as great as an iPhone 5.  
(Lyrics) Wish I was ocean size 
They cannot move you 
No one tries 
No one pulls you

Written Text

Choose 50% more bandwidth 

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