This commercial for LG home appliances shows a woman, wearing a flowing blue dress, in the clouds with several LG appliances - a dishwasher, refrigerator a washer and dryer and an oven. The appliances appear to be part of a dream, but the reality is, those appliances already exist, making life easier and simpler. 
"LG Home Appliances - "That Day is Now" TV Commercial 2013"

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At LG, we dreamed of a day when you could rely on the perfect kitchen. We dreamed of a day when a dishwasher wouldn't require any pre-rinsing. When a refrigerator could be uniquely designed for better access and storage. When a washer could save 20 minutes on larger loads. And an oven would take minutes to clean instead of hours. And for you, that day is now.  
(Lyrics) Dreams, Dreams 
Of when we had just started things

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Life's Good

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