This spring, Old Navy is bringing you some very special in-flight entertainment from Boyz II Men, dedicated to all the ladies in their white jeans. Great-looking jeans in all your favorite cuts and styles are now upgraded to white. 
"Old Navy: In-Flight Entertainment - Boyz II Men"

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Attention passengers, we're all getting a style upgrade with new Old Navy white jeans. 
We will now begin our complimentary in-flight entertainment. 
(Lyrics) Love white jeans on you 
Great new look for you 
Do do do do do 
Do do do do do 
Do do do do do 
Thanks, that's so sweet. I've been getting tons of compliments on them, you know, white is the new blue, and it just amps up my whole look. 
Roger that. Hurry up and get women's jeans for $19, girls shorts from $8. Old Navy. Come fun, come all.

Written Text

Style Upgrade 
White Jeans 
On Sale 
Women $19 
Girls From $8 
Old Navy 
Come fun, come all

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